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Update: last updated on 30/12/2014.

Cerro Domo Blanco - West face - Pilastro Rampagaroi

8. Amico Vento, Amica Luna

Nicola Binelli and Tomas Franchini (IT), 10/2014.

Description. Climbs a steep rock pillar on the left side of the southwest face of Cerro Domo Blanco. The line was climbed in two sections and involves twelve pitches with difficulties to M6+ 6b+ and A1.

History. On a first attempt together with Francesco Salvaterra they climbed the lower seven pitches but had to retreat. When the weather improved four days later Nicola and Tomas climbed into their high point from the side and continued to the top of the pillar, where a storm and darkness caught up with them, retreating without continuing on to the summit. 

They called the pillar “Pilastro Rampagaroi”, the name of a climbing group from the Brenta massif, started in the 1960s by Clemente Maffei Gueret, a well known italian climber and guide.

Approach. Paso Marconi and Circo de los Altares.

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Cerro Domo Blanco - west face

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