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Aguja de l'S - East face

2. Qui se souvient des Hommes

300m 6c+

Lionel Daudet (France), solo, 24/12/1994.

This route climbs a line slightly left of center on the east face to finish up joining the Cara Este route, via the south spur of the summit pinnacle (400m altogether). Five bolts were placed along the route.

History. To complete the ascent Daudet fixed ropes over 3 days and returned later to free the crux pitch with Jérôme Arpin. The route was named after a well know book by French writer Jean Raspail, in which he tells the story of the Kaweskars (“the People”), rechristened by European explorers Alakalufs. The Kaweskars inhabited the islands surrounding the Estrecho de Magallanes and Tierra del Fuego and disappeared as a result of the abuses and illnesses brought by the white man.

Approach. Laguna Sucia.

Descent. Descend via the same route.

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Aguja De l'S east face

Aguja De l'S east face

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