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Update: last updated on 29/11/2013.

Torre Egger - West Face

7. West face attempts

In November 2013 Tomas Franchini, Paolo Grisa, Ermanno Salvaterra and Francesco Salvaterra made a daring attempt on the west face of Torre Egger. They climbed capsule style spending 11 days on the wall using portaledges. They tackled an impressive line right in the very center of the face. This line was first attempted by Lorenzo Nadali, Pietro Dal Prá and Andrea Sarchi in 1996, retreating after 100 meters.

Franchini, Grisa and the Salvaterras (same last name but unrelated) had terrible weather but in spite of that they were able to make some very good progress climbing close to 2/3rds of the face before retreating. They bowed to return next year to finish the route. The line should be considered off-limits.




Photos (click to enlarge)

Torre Egger - West face

Punta Herron, Torre Egger and Cerro

Torre west face

Punta Herron, Torre Egger and Cerro

Torre west face

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