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Cerro Adela Central - East face

4. Gringo en la Noche

1200m 85º

Peter Podgornik (Slovenia), 5/7/1991 (winter).

Description. This route sports two sections of 70º to 80º ice but the main difficulties lay in the summit cornices. It follows a parallel line, slightly to the right of the East face route, which it crosses on two occasions.

History. Peter took seven hours to complete this climb. He considers it one of the biggest adventures of his life, having to descend in very bad weather, being completely alone in the area, in the winter time, with no radio connection or anything. His was the first and only winter ascent of Cerro Adela to date.

He dedicated the route to his friend Alojz “Huljo” Fon, with whom he was supposed to depart on this expedition, but three months before departure Huljo died when a grenade from the First World War exploded in his hands.

Approach. Niponino.

Pro. Being Slovene helps...

Descent. From the Trento col (Adela-Ñato) to the east or traverse the west face of El Ñato to paso Doblado (Ñato-Doblado), then to Paso Tunel (Solo-Grande) and back to De Agostini.

Bibliography. AAJ 1992 p. 172; Annales GHM 1991 p. 35; High magazine 117 p. 11; Desnivel magazine 67 p. 99.

Photos (click to enlarge)

Cerro Grande, Cerro El Ñato, Cerro

Adela Sur, Central y Norte - east face

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