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Update: last updated on 30/10/2010.

Cerro Adela – East face

2. Asamblea de Majaras

1200m 95º M5

Dani Ascaso, Alvaro Novellón, Santi Padrós and Oscar Perez (Spain), late 2007.

Description. Climbs a direct line up the left side of Adela Central’s east face, with two different finishes to reach the ridge line.

History. They had originally hoped to try the Los Tiempos Perdidos to Ragni route link up, but when two huge consecutive avalanches from the nasty serac above narrowly missed them they gave up the idea. Ascaso has already climb Los Tiempos Perdidos, back in the 1990s with Pepe Chaverri. On Adela they started climbing at midnight reaching the last steep step before the ridge when the sun started warming up the face. Here, to avoid waiting behind each other they climbed two separate lines, up the couloir and immediately left. Both variations involved bad rock and rotten ice. After 15 hours of climbing they reached the top of Adela.

Approach. Niponino.

Pro. Cold weather!

Descent. The first ascent party descended from the col Trento (Adela-Ñato) straight east. Traversing the west face of El Ñato to paso Doblado (Ñato-Doblado), then to Paso Tunel (Solo-Grande) and back to De Agostini might be a better option.

Photos (click to enlarge)

Cerro Grande, Cerro El Ñato, Cerro

Adela Sur, Central y Norte - east face

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