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Update: last updated on 30/03/2012.

Aguja Kakito (ca. 2800m).


Located on the ridge betwen Poincenot and La Brecha de los Italianos. It is the highest and southern most tower on this ridge. It was named after the son of one of the first ascentionists.

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Aguja Kakito north face


Aguja Kakito north face


West Face

1. Belladona

300m 6a C2 60°

Roberto "Kako" Pardiñas and Omar Moscoso (AR), 12/2/1994.

Description. Climb to La Brecha as if approaching Fitz Roy. Once in La Brecha, descend about 100 meters and then make a long southbound traverse until you are below Kakito. Climb a prominent crack system for about ten pitches, to reach a shoulder north of the summit. The summit is a compact block which has to be contoured around its east, south and west side to eventually come to a lone crack that gives access to the top.

History. Kako attempted it in 1991 with Jorge Arias from the east side, but the couloir right of Poincenot proved to be too dangerous.

Approach. Laguna de los Tres to Paso Superior to La Brecha de los Italianos.

Descent. Via the same route.

Bibliography. High Magazine 142 p. 42; AAJ 1994 p. 185.

1.1. Variante

In 2010 Colin Haley (USA) and Rolando Garibotti (Arg.) climbed a line to the right of Belladona, which they joined for the last three pitches. They had hoped to find a faster way to the summit, but blank rock forced them to do several pedulums back to the first ascent line. They reach the base of the summit block. They descended down the north ridge first, then down the dihedral between Kakito and the tower immediately north.

"Cordón" Kakito - Punta M+M - East face.

2. Fin De Carreira

300m 7a+ (6c C2)

Makoto Ishibe (BR) and Mike Schwitter (CH), 21/2/1993.

Description. Climb steep snow and ice (300 m., to 60˚), to the left of the obvious serac, to reach a prominent rock pillar that is the northern most tower of the three located in the ridge between La Brecha and Aguja Poincenot. Seventy meters below the ridgeline climb a short mixed pitch up and left to the base of the route itself. From here 7 pitches on good rock lead to the summit.

History. This tower was named by the first ascentionists after themselves...

Approach. Rio Blanco to Paso Superior.

Descent. Via the same route (bolts and pins in place).

"Cordón" Kakito - Punta Kavarovsk- North ridge.

3. Punta Kavarovsk

Gena Durov (Kazakhstan) and Igor Prinzyuk (Siberia), 1/2013.

Description. This is a small summit immediately south of La Brecha de los Italianos. The first ascensionists climbed three short new pitches straight up the NE ridge, finding difficulties to 6c.

History. They christened this small summit Punta Khabarovsk after Prinzyuk's home town, the second largest city in the russian far east after Vladivostok. With names such as this Patagonia is starting to sound exotic. That said it might be best to heed Evelio Echevarria's advise for new toponyms. Read here. Evelio is a very well respected mountaineer and explorer, who has dedicated decades to exploring the Chilean and Argentine Andes. He is the author of Chile Andinista: Su Historia, Santiago de Chile, 1999.


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Aguja KakitoNorth face 1. Belladona1.1 Variante Punta M+M2. Fin de CarreiraPunta Kavarovsk3. Durov-Prinzyuk


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