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Climbing Notes

Risk Management - Gestión de Riesgo
Algunas consideraciones
Some considerations

Patagonia Vertical - Banff Mountain Book Competition Guidebook Award!
Patagonia Vertical won the Guidebook Award at the 2013 Banff Mountain Book Competition. We are incredibly honored and stoked. More info here.

The Mysteries of Rime Mushrooms
Dave Whiteman, Research Professor at the University of Utah and Rolando Garibotti published an article about the formation of rime mushrooms in the September issue of the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, a peer review journal. Many climbers provided photos and information for this article, see the acknowledgements section of the article. The article can be read here.

The Nature of Alpinism
Chapter 3 of Gregory Crouch's Enduring Patagonia

Declaración de Principios y Etica de Montaña, Federación Argentina de Ski y Andinismo (FASA)
Tirol Declaration, Best Practices in Mountain Sports.
UIAA, Policy on the preservation of natural rock for adventure climbing
UIAA, To bolt or not to be.

Peak lists
Summit lists: Your pick, your peaks.

What constitutes a new route? The disarming of a Scud missile
Was it a mistake to accept in the late 1990s the "joined-existing-line-no-summit-new-route-concept" as "valid"? Should this be revised? here.

Memorable ascents
Torre Egger first ascent photo gallery.
Remembering Marco Pedrini - Ian Parnell interviews Fulvio Mariani
Booom - A description of Markus Pucher's Via dei Ragni solo

First Ascent Cerro Torre
A Mountain Unveiled (pdf) - A revealing analysis of Cerro Torre's tallest tale, by Rolando Garibotti and Detailed bibliography (pdf)
Completing the Puzzle - New facts about the claimed ascent of Cerro Torre

Cerro Torre's Compressor Route
- What's in a summit?
- "An impossible Mountain"

- ¿Que vale una cumbre?
- "Una montaña Imposible"



A descriptions of the name origins for most of the mountains in the Chalten Massf.

Antes de dar nombres a accidentes geográficos (cumbres, puntas, coles, etc) sugiero leer este artículo por Evelio Echevarria.

Before giving toponyms to any geographic point (summits, sub-summits, saddles, etc) I suggest reading this article by Evelio Echevarria.

Weather - Clima

Weather forecasting basics and links

Patagonia's weather patterns by Gregory Crouch

Informacion basica para prevision de clima en Patagonia

Other sources of climbing info, getting there, grants.


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