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About this website

The first version of the Frey guidebook dates back to 1990 approximately, since there have been many updated editions. Here you will find a much more up to date edition, which includes photos with lines of more than 80% of the climbs.
Between 1998 and 2000 I worked hard at putting together a guidebook to the Chalten massif until it was almost finished, but then for a number of reasons never did. Since I have collected the information of all new activity. Over the next couple of months you will find a complete guidebook to this area in this website.
Also in this website you will find under “Knowledge” and “Field Notes” a number of subjects discussed that some might find interesting, including the complete reports of an American Alpine Club Trail Restoration project in the Chalten area, a basic weather forecasting guide to the southern Andes and much more.
In the age of digital media I thought publishing all this information online might be a good experiment. In the past few years I have digitized many of my guidebooks, so as to be able to travel without the weight of actual books. Once there, wherever there might be, I photograph the guidebook pages in the computer screen with my digital camera (using macro mode) and carry the topos, photos and info to the climb that way.
One big advantage is that we will be able to make updates to this “guide” easily, so the final product will be far more accurate and up to date than any print guidebook could ever be.
This website does not attempt to be an “über-topo” guide, quite the opposite. Here you will find a record of what has been done, with enough info to get yourself in trouble, but without too many details so you can still go have a proper adventure. In many cases I have focused on providing fun historical details, things that should not be forgotten, adventures worth remembering, rather than providing “how to” information.
One important note regarding copyright, please read the copyright notice here. This website was designed and is intended for climbers who want to copy or photograph the information for their own personal use only. If you plan to use the text or photos found in this website for your own website, magazine, blog, guidebook, brochure, catalog, book or any other form of media please beware that it is illegal to do so without written authorization from the author.
Also, make sure you read the disclamer here. Climbing is an inherently dangerous sport. The information in this website is subject to error and should never replace common sense and caution, competent guidance and instruction.

One important acknowledgement, this website would not have been possible without the work of Doerte Pietron, who not only designed it, updates it, but also pushed tiredlessly for me to stop talking about it and actually do it.

Many people deserve a big thank you for their help. This website would not have been possible without them. See the acknowledgement page here.


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